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Choi Jin-hyuk confesses his relationship with Son Eun-seo-INSIDE. This physicality was showcased in his next drama, Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident (2013), where he played a detective who discovers that the man he considers his father had kidnapped him as a child from his biological family. Jun 22, 2012. Actor Choi Jin-hyuk, 27, confirmed rumors that he was dating actress Son Eun-seo, 25. On the evening of June 21 Choi gave his official.

Ha Seok-jin 하석진, Korean actor, Rival (with So Yoo-jin) and My Love Patzzi (with Jang Na-ra and Kim Rae-won) further raised his profile. Ha Seok-jin 하석진, Ha Suk-jin, Korean Actor Model, Male, 1982/02/10, find Ha Seok-jin 하석진 filmography, dramas, movies, films, pictures, latest news.

Choi Jin-Hyuk - Asian He rose to stardom a year later when he played a hh school senior who falls for his teacher (played by Kim Ha-neul) in 2002 hit drama Romance. Hunter May 21 2017 pm Omg, this guy is so hot. He is the epitome of all things that are male. I really love his acting. I just finished watching Tunnel and it.

<i>Choi</i> <i>Jin</i>-<i>hyuk</i> confesses his relationship with <i>Son</i> <i>Eun</i>-<i>seo</i>-INSIDE.
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